Online Marketing - Is There Risk Involved?

Risk vs Reward

The sport of boxing is, like all other sports, a business first and a sport second. Fighters do not/can not simply sit idly by and wait for big fights to fall in their laps nor do they expect to become superstars by playing it safe and taking only those fights that pose little risk. Of course there's always some amount of risk involved in taking big fights but boxers who do not carefully evaluate the risk vs reward aspect of every fight will be relegated to non-televised fights and will never realize their true potential.

Like professional boxers, business owners too must take risks if they want to grow, draw attention to their companies, and even dominate their industry or area. Risk is an inevitable part of business in the modern world and every decision a business owner makes carries with it some risk. The decision to begin an online marketing campaign is often thought of as being a risky venture for business owners even though the majority of online marketing campaigns prove to be very successful. What many business owners often overlook is the "risk vs reward" aspect of search engine optimization. Business owners and decision makers that overlook or ignore this aspect and focus solely on perceived risk factors are doing their businesses a disservice. Smart business owners accept some risk and understand that doing so is an important key to success.

There was once a time when online marketing campaigns weren't a necessity but they have grown increasingly important since broadband internet and mobile devices became prevalent in homes and hands. These days the only businesses you won't find online are those without legitimacy and a few local very small startup's. Established businesses whose primary concerns are success and growth always advertise online. There are of course those business owners that still believe that they can succeed online without some sort of search engine optimization and their businesses often suffer as a result of this erroneous belief. More often than not these companies become stagnant, stall out, or slowly die over time simply because no one can see nor find their websites and products/services online.

Vital To Your Business

Why is Online Marketing important?
Most companies have either hundreds or thousands of competitors online which makes competing for attention extraordinary difficult. Even small local businesses will have a hard time competing against the 10-20 local competitors they have online should they not run some type of online marketing campaign. Business owners whom forego an online marketing campaign are essentially refusing to compete, which is naturally detrimental to their business. The type of online marketing a business needs will depend largely on the following:
  • What industry it belongs to.
  • How much competition it has online.
  • What type of and how much online marketing it's competitors are involved in.
  • Whether it wants to compete locally, nationally, or internationally.
How Much Online Marketing Does A Business Need?

Different businesses all require different amounts and types of online marketing. Be wary of those SEO firms offering one size fits all marketing campaigns. Successful online marketing always stems from highly customized marketing strategies and shrewd business owners will want to make sure they aren't paying for more than they need. They will also want to ensure that what they're paying for will give their business enough to be successful on the internet. Before blowing off the idea of online marketing business owners will want to carefully assess the risk vs reward aspect and understand that without some type of SEO there is very little change of not just competing but of success too. Do your company a favor and start an online marketing campaign, even if it's not with us.

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”
~Henry Ford

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