Being Unique In A Templated World

I've Gotta Be Me

Be that guy...or duck!
It's natural for business owners, even those working in over saturated industries, to want their branding, company, and it's online presence to be entirely unique. That's said it's a shame so many business owners are swayed by cookie cutter style website templates and marketing campaigns. While the one size fits all approach certainly works for various types of clothing, it can straight up ruin an online marketing campaign. Search engine optimization and even website design should be customized to fit the individual needs of each business. When a business owner chooses and utilizes the more affordable but far less effective "copy and paste blueprint" for the online portion of its business its not only makes it far more difficult to achieve respectable rankings in Google but it sends the wrong message to and can confuse potential clients as well.

No Need To Reinvent The Wheel Right?

The wheel...reinvented
If I had a penny for every business owner over the last 11 years that's come to me and said, "I don't want to reinvent the wheel man. I just want to get things moving as affordably as possible", I'd be locked in the basement of my mansion recording mediocre hard rock music 18 hours a day for the rest of my life instead of blogging...but I digress. As a business owner myself I can attest to the strong desire to not spend money and to find the cheaper alternative so I understand this stance wholeheartedly. When it comes to a business' online presence however I can not stress enough just how important it is to be as unique as possible. Using a website design similar to a competitor for example not only looks unprofessional but is often construed as "cheap" and/or a "knockoff" in the eyes of your potential customers. Moreover and more importantly, paying for a generic template style marketing plan will not only yield tepid results but may actually get a business' website penalized by the search engines. Google is especially finicky about copycat designs and marketing strategies and makes no bones about tossing a website down its rankings ladder or even out of its results completely. I'm not actually recommending any business avoid this cheaper alternative to customized marketing/design if this is all it can afford but if a company has the money for a larger online budget it would do well to utilize it. If a business must ride on someone else's wheels until it can afford it's own wheels so be it. Never forget that some online marketing is always better than none at all, Go with the more affordable option if you must but have a goal of upgrading to customized design and marketing and then stick to it.

Benefits Of Customized Marketing And Design

When a business can, it should!
When it comes to web design, branding, and especially online marketing...the more customized things are the better off a business will be. A highly customized website will not only differentiate a company from its competitors but it can also deliver a wholly different experience to its users by way of programming, a user interface, or eye catching calls to action; things that are a boon to building and maintaining recurring business. Customized branding that accompanies unique design serves to strengthen all of the aforementioned advantages while customized marketing can push a company's website rankings up faster and higher in Google. Customized online marketing strategies not only emphasize its client's website but also targets the holes in a competitors marketing and seeks to exploit those. Conversely one size fits all marketing campaigns focus on only a company's website design and perhaps making sure there are relevant keywords in its coding. Marketing firms and specialists typically don't put much more effort than that into those types of campaigns. Businesses that want greater online exposure and better results from their online marketing efforts will want to pay the extra fee and go with the customized options.


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